Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"So this is it"said josh to the grave of his best friend Captian Winters thinking of all the fun times they had "i'm gonna miss you"he said "Leaving so soon" said a voice behind him but Josh knew that voice it belongeg to his best friend who died in his arms yesterday jos slowly turned around to face the voice and standing in front of him Josh saw the person he keast expected to see Captian Winters "But how you were killed by a ememy solider yesterday i saw it with my own eyes you were shot in the skull"said Josh "But you didn't see the most important detail the bullet didn't hit my brain and it came clean out"said Winters "So that shot would have only put you in a temprary state of death"Josh said "Ecxatly" said Winters then Josh ran to him and punched him in the nose "What was that for"winters asked "you died then came back to life and didn't tell me thats why"screamed Josh "ok i did deserve that"said Winters "lets go i've found a jeep"said Josh "ok"said Winters.

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