Friday, October 3, 2014

when josh got to the woods he felt a sharp pain race though his left arm he looked at it and saw he had been shot. so he took out his gauze and peroxide to clean the wound when he was finished he picked off a few Germans and started looking for survivors when he got to were the bomb went off he found lieutenant winters badly injured.he grabbed him up and took him back to were he was in the woods. when he got there he set up a cold camp.(when you make no fire)

Friday, July 11, 2014

writing camp is awesome today is the last day;( you guys should do it

Thursday, July 10, 2014

this is me and friends we are called slob boy
RUN RUN!!!!!!!! said Joshua this is world war 1 were fighting the Germans Joshua is a caption of the easy company a real company in world war 1 tomorrow  they will ship out to the front line they got in the plane ready to ship out they stated the plane when they got over the battle zone Joshua told lieutenant Winters to watch the troop as they parasoted to the battle zone when they got to the ground Joshua took some men to flank the Germans but when winters group got to their position they were bombed and all died it was Joshua's group and the Germans josh and his men are going  to try to flank them on the left wing but they did not know the Germans knew the were coming so when they circled the corner josh's men were killed but him he shot a few with his lee infeild rifle he took a louger from one of the germans and fled to the woods
these are some of the great men who fought for jewish
fredom the story will be contiuend

Monday, July 7, 2014

comment on what i should blog about

this is something we wrote in camp today

In the year 3000 the world will be completely different people will drive flying cars and have robot assistants the cops will have laser guns and light sabers money will be time and the president is a robot

hi again i am going to write about my day i woke up with my mammaw then we picked up my best freind michael for writing camp we wrote in our journals and then we started blogging
hi my name is Landon i am a writer in training this is my first blog thanks for the future support