Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It was still dark when Josh got up. Captain Winters was still unconscious from the bomb but he was much paler josh looked at the wound and found that it had reopened and he lost a lot of blood over night at least 5 pints he was on the verge of death josh had to think quick he checked winters' medical record his blood type is ab+ so was josh he took a plastic bag and filled it up with his blood using a sterilized knife he then too a tube and a iv needle from the medic kit and hooked it up to the bag then attached the bag to Winters vein in his wrist that was the fastest was to get the to his heart then he closed the wound and stopped the bleeding but then a enemy solider that josh didn't see before josh could get to his gun winters was shot trough the skull his blood was everywhere out of rage and hatred josh picked up a rock and ran over to the solider and hit him several times over until the solider was almost dead then josh said"How did you find our camp""I saw a blood trail from the bomb sight to here " the solider replied then josh delivered the killing blow. It's been two days since Winters death josh buried him next to the bomb sight next to his comrades josh hasn't seen anyone after that he is currently searching for a working radio or vehicle so far nothing.

                                  Hey guys i'm sorry i haven't posted lately i'v just been busy i will post now thanks for reading


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